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About Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius has been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years and currently holds the title of Executive Chairman at MuzicSwipe, a platform that is transforming the way people discover music. 

His journey began when he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Penn State University in 1992 and joined MCI Telecommunications thereafter. By 1993, he had already started his own telecom consulting firm, paving the way for a successful entrepreneurial career. His accomplishments range across various fields, including telecom, data analysis, real estate and crypto. 

Moreover, through the Eric Dalius Foundation, he is actively involved in philanthropy and provides financial support to students who are struggling to pay their tuition fees. 

In addition to this, scholarships have also been established in his name by himself. At MuzicSwipe, Dalius mentors CEO (and daughter) Jackie Dalius and has set high ambitions for the company which include attaining a user base of millions as well as collaborating with big music industry producers/distributors to build a nurturing atmosphere for artists to hone their talent and create sustainable careers. 

Mr. Eric Dalius lives in Miami with his wife Kim who founded Mental Minutes Success and their two children – Brad being the COO of MuzicSwipe. He loves blogging about music, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and Miami life which keeps him connected with the local community there



Eric Dalius