About Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Know more about Eric Dalius, the entrepreneur and visionary

The world is shaped by thoughts of advancement and innovation by expert entrepreneurs and business leaders. One famous name to know and read about is Eric Dalius, who has marketing experience for more than two decades. His focus and objective have always been to create and operate successful business ventures.

Qualification and working experience

Eric Dalius got his undergraduate degree in 1992 from Penn State. Once he received his degree, he demonstrated a savvy way of working that got noticed by most be used to work with. During his working experience, he had outshined many of his competitors and other opponents as well. When he was working with MCI Telecom, he had earned the title of the number one sales representative in the United States. Every success that he had attained made him more welcoming of future endeavors. 

Also, It was in 1994 that Eric Dalius had launched his very first business venture, which was a telecommunications consultancy. This business venture performed well till the entire 90s. And then, he started working on other business initiatives. Eric Dalius then got interested in shaping up his career in business coaching accountabilities.

Giving back to society

According to Eric J Dalius, it is also essential to give back to society so that others can benefit from it. He wants to pave the path for future business leaders, marketing experts, and entrepreneurs. And for that, he knows that education has an important role to play. This is the reason of forming the Eric Dalius Foundation. Through the correct knowledge-sharing, future business leaders and entrepreneurs can have a great character and move towards success. And to help people attain this objective, he has come up with the Eric Dalius Scholarship. This scholarship will be for candidates who will excel in a set of subjects. Using this scholarship, the candidates can pursue advanced education and don’t have to fret about the massive financial stress.

He has brought about several innovations that played a crucial role in breaking the barriers in business and marketing. For him, success is relevant in comparison to money or any power. He aims to create a better world for business and business leaders. And for that reason, he has come up with the Eric Dalius Grant for those candidates who are planning for higher education.

Making a difference

Over the years, EJ Dalius has attained immense success through various marketing and entrepreneurial initiatives. He has given rise to advanced innovations. The man is all set to share his know-how with different other leading, aspiring and talented entrepreneurs. And even though presently, he is experiencing semi-retirement, he still carries on paving the path for a dynamic and enterprising business arena.

Also, The 21st-century business arena is competitive and dynamic! And entrepreneurs must put forward their best to thrive and lead. Eric Dalius is a business leader, marketing genius, and entrepreneur who is all set to lead by example. He is willing to coach young minds and provide a platform for them to excel in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Marketing experience

Eric Dalius has over 20 years of marketing experience. EJ Dalius goal has always been to establish and run profitable business ventures, while always figuring  way to give back.

Also, He believes that education is essential for building character and success. In order to help other’s achieve their goals, he established the Eric Dalius Scholarship. However, The scholarship will allow students to pursue higher education without worrying about the high financial burden.