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Eric Dalius emphasizes the tasks students must handle after winning a scholarship

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Eric Dalius

Many students cannot afford to study in esteemed institutions as the cost of education weighs them down. Scholarships can release the load that students have on the shoulders. Many people can continue with their education because of such scholarships. Many pupils apply for scholarships, but not everyone can acquire them. The process of applying for a scholarship must be systematic, says Eric Dalius. It is crucial to create a scholarship portfolio for a smooth process. Once the application is approved, students undergo a long process to continue with the procedure officially.

What to do after winning the scholarship?

Here are a few steps that students must take after they win a scholarship

Formal acceptance of the scholarship

Once the college chooses to provide you a scholarship and send you a notification for the same, the first and also foremost step is to accept the scholarship. Keeping an eye on the college notice is of considerable importance because if you miss the information, the institution will pass it on to the next deserving candidate. Sometimes scholarships are associated with specific institutions. You can only avail of the grant from the college you are planning to attend.

On the other hand, some scholarship organizations do not require a specific college to provide you a scholarship. You must be aware of the deadline of the students’ response. It is also crucial to know the procedure for accepting the scholarship, for example, by replying to the email or giving an official signature.

Deciding the college and details of the payment

Once you have won a scholarship and also accepted it, the next crucial step is to decide the college you will attend. You must also provide the information regarding the payment to the benefactor. Organizations or individuals who will fund your scholarship might require some information regarding your college and also evidence of your Bill. The benefactor needs to ensure that you have enrolled in a specific institution.

Following up with the additional requirements

The requirements of different organizations vary based on the kind of scholarship they offer, says Eric Dalius. Some institutions invite their students to attend a luncheon. Others may ask the pupils to provide them a copy of grades from the previous semester to ensure that they are maintaining a high average. Some scholarships want their candidate to spend the day at an NGO as one of its requirements.

Letter of gratitude

Individuals who provide for scholarships strive to raise funds for the same. They put in a lot of effort to scrutinize dozens of applications to cherry-pick the deserving candidate. Therefore, you must thank the benefactors for choosing you among thousands of students and also supporting you in the journey of achieving your dreams. You must write a note of gratitude to Eric Dalius to the benefactor explaining how grateful you are to receive the scholarship. Some students include a photo of themselves holding the letter as a sign of appreciation.

Reporting about the scholarship to your institution

Eric Dalius the financial department of your institution must be aware of the scholarship that you have received. You must report the acceptance of an external scholarship to the financial head of your college office.

Some institutions require a written report of the scholarship along with a piece of evidence. You can find out about the process from the website.