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Eric Dalius Points out How Diabetic Patients Can Stay Well amid COVID-19

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Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius the corona crisis has created adverse effects on inflammatory and chronic ailments like Type 2 diabetes. Did you know that over 10 percent of American adults are plagued? With this condition, which is, over 34 million US adults? Again, approximately 30 percent of diabetic patients fail to manage the ailment efficiently. More difficult when the COVID-19 epidemic has created havoc in the country.

Eric Dalius opines that when the COVID-19 virus enters a human body, the immune system. Finds it almost impossible to fight the disease, especially diabetic patients. Then, you can minimize the risks and use self-care methods to boost your health amid the pandemic. Here is how:

Eric J Dalius recommends taking medications as prescribed

Fake reports have been doing the rounds mentioning that taking diabetes or for that matter. High blood pressure pills make patients more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. Now, that is a complete lie, and if you do not take your medications. As prescribed by your doctor, you may have severe complications. Therefore, do not lend your ear to such myths or misconceptions surrounding diabetes amid the epidemic. Believe what your doctor recommends.

Avoid smoking or drinking if you want to manage. Type 2 diabetes because alcohol will not protect you from the infection. Smoking cigarettes and drinking adversely affects your immunity and lead to serious health hazards. E J Dalius suggest you taking the right diet, take prescribed medications. Exercise, and rest is what you need to stay well if you have diabetes.

Eat healthy meals and drink lots of water

You need to include healthy foods in your daily diet. Including tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, peas, apples, berries, black beans. Chickpeas, lentils, kidneys, and whole grains such as steel-cut oats and brown rice. Avoid food items like cookies, candies, salty snacks, chips. Sugary tea, soda and juice, processed cereals, white bread, and white rice.

Patients plagued with Type 2 diabetes, often complain of dehydration. As insulin problems result in excess sugar in your blood, implying the kidneys need. To work more to get rid of the extra sugar. You will urinate frequently and feel dehydrated. You will need to drink caffeine-free and sugar-free beverages, water being the best option. Do not take alcohol because it has too many carbs and aggravates dehydration.

Wash your hands as per COVID-19 guidelines

Though you will find no magic pill to make your immune system strong. Diabetic patients can make healthy choices to stay well amid the pandemic. First, wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Wash the front and back of your hands thoroughly as well as clean under your nails. It is best to trim your nails regularly amid the pandemic. You could also use soap and an extra toothbrush to clean. Your nails to eliminate the germs found under the nails.

Besides, sanitize your smartphones, door handles, and wallets with sanitizers to keep your home and devices free of the virus.


Keep these tips in mind to stay well to manage your diabetes amid the pandemic. The virus is new and you need to learn new things to stay safe and healthy.