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LAST UPDATED – 29th-May-2021

WINNERS OF 2nd SCHOLARSHIP – Riya Rajput – Northeastern University, Boston

LAST UPDATED – 9th-Sep-2020


  1. Sharif Johnson, University of Cincinnati
  2. Griffin Hammer, Colorado State University

The Eric J Dalius Scholarship will be awarded to a talented young person displaying
the potential to bring about change to the world of entrepreneurship. Businessman Eric J. Dalius will give this scolarship
 . He has
established himself as a world class business figure. He has proven himself to be
a person of unrelenting spirit, unflinching commitment, and unparalleled
dedication. He will award the Eric Dalius Scholarship to the most deserving

Finding a Niche in Real Estate: CORE

In 2002, EJ Dalius was determined to change his life trajectory. Eric founded a
membership-based firm known as Cash out Real Estate or CORE. Utilizing the AAA
model, the company grew to more than $10 million in sales. This company
specialized in buying and refinancing properties.

Eric J Dalius: Exploring New Horizons

Eric is a man with perennial potential, always on the look-out for his next venture.
EJ Dalius founded the Eric Dalius Scholarship, and will award funds to the top applicant in terms of academic strengths, skills, interests, and essay response. He is very generous and kind. He understands the burden of  high tuition costs. Eric J. Dalius seeks to aid students pursuing careers in entrepreneurship. This $1,000 does not need be repaid. To apply, please pen an essay of around 800 words. Please focus on “The Benefits of an Angel Investor
for Startups.”

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

Benefits Under the Eric Dalius Scholarship, 2021

The Eric Dalius Scholarship enables motivated and talented students to obtain
funds that will lower the burden of high tuition costs. Each semester, one
successful applicant will be chosen. This applicant will be awarded $1,000 towards
their degree.

Amount: One-time non-returnable gift of $1,000.
Deadline 1:
1st August 2020.
Deadline 2: 1st April 2021.

The winner of this prestigious scholarship will be selected on 15th April 2021.

Winner 1: 15th August 2020.
Winner 2:
15th April 2021.

How to Apply

  1. All submissions need to be sent via email. Attach the essay and other information
    as a word document and e-mail it to apply@ericdaliusscholarship.com.
    Kindly furnish all the necessary details and submit them with your original essay.
    1 Full Name
    2 Phone Number
    3 Mailing Address
    4 Email Address
    5 The accredited or recognized college or university you are currently enrolled at
    6 Your present GPA
    7  Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)

Scholarship Winner Selection

This scholarship has been designed as an opportunity for a student to fulfill their
goals in becoming a successful entrepreneur. The selected recipient will be
notified via email. The candidate must acknowledge receipt of the official email in
order to receive the award. Scholarship funds will be transferred to the recipient’s
bank account. The results will also be announced on 15th March 2021 at

Essay Topic: “The Benefits of an Angel Investor for Startups”