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Eric Dalius Talks about the Best Workout Options amid COVID-19

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Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius with the corona pandemic creating havoc in the US, health clubs, and gyms have closed amid the crisis. That does not mean that you will not work out at home. Eric Dalius says that you can always try some freehand exercises, weight training, walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming. Then, when you need to work from home, finding time for workouts is not easy. However, looking for a way to adapt to the new normal is essential for staying fit and healthy.

Based on the findings of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sufficient physical activity or exercise may avert one out of 10 premature deaths. Here are some of the best workout options for you amid the pandemic:

Eric J Dalius prefers weight training

Some people have a home gym, not all of them in the US. Then, you can still do weight training from the comfort of your home using resistance bands and dumbbells that you can buy from online fitness stores online. Weight training keeps your muscles and bone health. After 30 years, people tend to lose bone mass, gradually every year. Both men and women should try weight training amid the pandemic. Women should opt for weight training because 80 percent of osteoporosis incidents affect them compared to men.

When it comes to resistance training, it builds force on the bones to help you stay fit and strong. Again, weight lifting is not just about building biceps and muscle mass. The benefits, according to E J Dalius, include enhanced posture, gaining bone mass, sound sleep, improving metabolism, maintaining your weight, minimizing inflammation, and keeping chronic ailments at bay.

Walking or jogging

Even if you are staying at home during the pandemic, you can get the required cardio by jogging or walking around your apartment block or in your garden or lawn. You can do morning walk at your neighborhood park observing all social distancing rules recommended by the government. Wear masks and gloves while you are walking or jogging. Keep a safe distance from others.

Avoid crowds at any cost; at least maintain a distance of six feet. Avoid touching crosswalk posts or buttons while you are outside.


You can try yoga from anywhere, anytime because all you would need is a mat, a loose-fitting dress, and a program that you need to follow. You can buy yoga mats and other accessories from online stores and take yoga lessons from your home online or just study the numerous YouTube videos.

There are many benefits of yoga include improved muscle strength, enhanced flexibility, better respiration, vitality and energy, excess weight loss, balanced metabolism, improved circulatory and heart health, enhanced athletic efficiency, and injury protection.

There are many mental other of yoga, as it helps in alleviating stress, improves concentration, boosts coping skills, rejuvenates your mind, keeps you happy, keeps your mind calm and clear, relaxes your brain, and improves sleep.


You can try these exercises during the corona crisis while you are at home. Make sure you stay healthy, fit, and in shape. If you jog or walk outside, you need to maintain a safe distance from other joggers in the community park.