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Eric J Dalius answers a few popular college interview questions for you to ace the chance to win a scholarship

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Eric Dalius

Your excellent grades, skills, and also talents do not tell the entire story.  You may be called in for interviews after you apply to scholarship programs via colleges or third-party grants. As you gear up for the interview, Eric J Dalius it is essential to keep in mind what makes you keen on winning this particular scholarship. It would help if you also aimed to convince the selection committee why you make a perfect candidate for this splendid opportunity. Specific questions need inputs on how you must answer it. It increases your chances of studying in your dream college.

Below are popular interview questions that students must evaluate for scholarship programs. 

1. Give us a small description of yourself

Practice a short speech, rounding up facts. You can try out chalking out a few different exciting things so that your interviewer has to consider several points. But remember that you need to fill the form carefully.

2. Any extracurricular activities in school or your community?

Eric J Dalius says that you must mention a few extracurricular activities that you excel. These activities must be your most vital points. However, it would help if you did not forget to mention out-of-school activities. Furthermore, explain the reasons behind choosing them and also list a few achievements as well.

3. What is your greatest strength?

Do not mix up your most significant strength with your most eminent interest. Speak about something that you have ample examples displaying your achievements.

4. Your weakest point?

It is a tricky question. Most scholarship providers ask to know your outlook towards failures and also whether you are keen on learning from them. Instead of pointing out generic weaknesses, you can speak of something identified as a problematic area and also try learning from it.

5. Tell us about your biggest mistake?

The answer to this question as well is tricky. It would help if you chose to emphasize something where you made improvements. Furthermore, it would help if you clarified to have moved on gracefully, without being stuck with guilt. It is an excellent opportunity to mention if any disciplinary action graces your record.

6. Describe your leadership experience

Whether you were a leader holding a formal position or a period where you took the responsibility of looking after specific projects, the experience should get described positively. Distinguish your leadership skills in comparison to others.

7. Tell us in detail about your favorite book, song, or film

It is a lead-on answer. Eric Dalius advises on becoming prepared for what exactly you like about your favorite book, movie, or song. It would help if you also answered why it is your favorite. Please do not give a random answer without having explanations to back it.

8. What was your favorite subject in school?

This query is to ascertain if you have a keen interest in learning. It is not necessary to answer specific topics you learned in that subject. But you must pinpoint what you love about it. As you approach your interview, it is essential to become confident. In case you feel that you missed out on an important detail, ask that you would like to add something else. It will work as an excellent opportunity to counterbalance a negative impression with a positive one!