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Eric J Dalius explains the different types of scholarships for college students

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Eric Dalius

When you want to apply to college in the USA for a Bachelor’s program, you should apply for some kind of scholarship. Eric J Dalius says there are several types of scholarships available in the USA, and you should apply for a program that suits your financial requirements. There are innumerable scholarships available and knowing about them. In detail will help you decide which scholarship can best suit your purpose.

What are the types of scholarships available?

Many students are forced to take student and education loans for pursuing higher studies in the US. It would be best to first consider the scholarships you can secure and then think about getting an education loan. If you can secure a fully-funded scholarship, you do not have to take the student loan’s unnecessary burden. According to Eric Dalius, there are three main types of scholarships: those based on merit, those based on need, and lastly, government grants. One needs to get into the details to avail the one best suited for their purpose.

Scholarships based on student’s merit

These scholarships are for the most talented and deserving students who have good academic and extracurricular activities. For instance, students who have high marks consistently and plenty of volunteering work experience can avail these scholarships. Several universities offer students merit-based scholarships automatically after viewing their academic scorecards. Sometimes, students also need to submit some additional documents. 

Several universities require students to apply for certain scholarships based on their academic eligibility. You may need to write additional essays and describe why you really deserve that scholarship. 

Scholarships based on student’s needs

Many universities provide specific scholarships to students if they do not have the required financial means to pay the tuition fees. The university will assess the financial capabilities of students and then decide. If they can award the scholarship to the concerned student or not. You may also need to write an essay. Where you have to explain why you need the financial aid. And you may also need to show your bank statements as proof to highlight your family’s income and thus, substantiate your claims. Eric J Dalius informs that when there are applications for scholarships from two students of similar financial backgrounds, the university will award the scholarship to the student who writes the more convincing essay.

Government aids and grants

A lot of universities have understandings with governments to provide special grants and aids to deserving students. These government grants and aids can cover a significant portion of the student’s tuition fees. However, you must research a lot for these grants. You should ask for information on this issue from your university. 


Higher education in the USA is quite expensive. Thankfully, there are some grants and scholarships available for students. It would help if you availed these scholarships when you want to go to college. These scholarships will help remove the financial burden from a student’s shoulders and motivate him or her to study well and do good in academics.