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Eric J Dalius explains why scholarships can motivate students

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Eric Dalius

Eric J Dalius the role of scholarships in the higher education system of the US is immense. Scholarships are crucial because they let more students avail higher education. Scholarships also motivate students and inspire them to strive more and become more successful in life. 

Motivation for Students

Scholarships are important for students because it motivates them. Although scholarships provide smaller sums of money, they are more vital for students than education loans. The reason why this is so is that the students do not need to repay their scholarship grants. An education loan entails a lot of pressure because students have to repay the amount quickly, so they have to work hard. This leads to them not giving enough attention to their studies, and consequently, their grades suffer. Thus, education loans often lead to negative consequences where students feel de-motivated to study. 

Scholarships are quite the opposite. These grants are not easy to secure, and only the most deserving students get selected for scholarship programs. Scholarships enable students to feel that their talents are being recognized. This motivates students to study well and perform well. Thus, scholarships can motivate students to perform better and work harder. They do not have to worry about paying back any loans and concentrate more on their studies. 

Eric J Dalius opines that scholarships provide mental relief to students and act as a bonus. Scholarships enable students to become more confident, and they can pay more attention to their studies. 

Scholarships help support the education system

Help sustain the education system. Without scholarships, many students would not have been able to pursue their higher studies at all. This would have resulted in a sharp decline in the number of enrolled students. A lot of students do not like to take student loans because it has a lot of adverse effects, so they decide to forego college education completely. However, scholarships help to bring deserving students to college and take care of their finances. These are essentially financial grants which allow students to concentrate wholly on their studies and not worry about their economic condition.

Future benefits 

Scholarships are extremely competitive, and only deserving candidates can get it. Scholarships help reflect a students’ potential, abilities, and talents. Eric Dalius explains that scholarships help students get more recognition in their careers also. Employers like to consider such students because their scholarships are a sign of their merit, and it gives them the chance to properly use their talent to work better than others. There are plenty of examples of successful people who had earned scholarships when they were students, for instance: Bill Gates.

How can one get a scholarship?

All colleges offer scholarship programs. However, such programs are in great demand, so only the brightest students can get them. Several private companies offer scholarships also.


Scholarships are important because they motivate students to study well and perform better. Scholarships help reveal who the most talented students are. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will be useful for you.