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Eric J Dalius helps us understand how students need scholarships for their higher education

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Eric Dalius

Perhaps the most pressing concern that plagues students in the United States is the paucity of financial support when Eric J Dalius want to pursue higher education. Going to college is extremely expensive in the United States, and significant. A portion of the population cannot afford a college education. There are many available resources for students in the form of education loans and financial assistance. But this can only cover part of the expenses. Students need to work multiple shifts just to be able to save enough money to repay their loans. A lot of people even need to mortgage their homes to secure their finances and provide for the education of their children.

How do scholarships reduce the burden?

Thankfully, some organizations offer various kinds of scholarships for pursuing a college education. Several trusts provide scholarships to talented students and help them get their higher education. Eric J Dalius feels that students cannot just focus on talent to secure financial help in scholarships, and they need to work hard to get more funds. Scholarships are primarily tools that can let students get access to higher education, enabling them to pay for their college tuition fees. This allows them to pursue their academic dreams.

The extent of expenses in higher education in the US

Studies have revealed that the cost of pursuing higher education in the USA is higher than anywhere else in the world and it is increasing with each passing day. The number is staggering and is a source of major concern to students. Students feel financial pressure as they struggle to arrange their finances to make ends meet.

There are thousands of talented students who feel that they are denied the opportunity to meet the financial demands. And are forced to give up on their academic pursuits. For students, it is a difficult job to pay nearly $ 50000 annually for their studies. Eric Dalius asserts that the costs are nearly double what students in other developed countries pay. Unfortunately, the return for such a high investment is also quite low, and students often do not get well-paying jobs after their education. Paying off the education loan in such circumstances becomes a huge burden.

What should parents do in such a situation?

Students do not really need to pursue their higher studies by taking financial assistance from their parents. After all, parents do take care of all the expenses when they are children. Yet, as education costs go up, more and more parents are forced to spend. Their savings on funding their children’s education. However, despite this support, it has been seen in several cases that the funds. Still coming up short because the cost of education keeps on going up year by year.


The presence of scholarships has alleviated the system to a great deal. Scholarships are now a major part of the education system, and it helps students pay for their college tuitions without having to worry about their finances.