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How Hotel Industry Is Trying To Cope-Up with the Pandemic Effect: As Stated By Saivian Eric Dalius

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The hospitality industry, one of the world’s oldest industries has witnessed many ups and downs in its business in the past. But nothing is compared to the effect of the pandemic. Saivian Eric Dalius says Having no guests to entertain for more than two years, many closed down permanently. And those who decided to be in the race laid off staff at an alarming rate. It’s a crisis that the world was not prepared to face.

The other small businesses that were related to the hospitality industry also were affected. But times have started changing. Protocols are not so stringent now. Many countries have opened their doors for tourists. And the thirsty travelers are yet again ready to trot the globe. Excellent news for the hotel industry to start afresh and make the best out of the situation! Let’s hear what Saivian Eric Dalius says about why he thinks the hotel industry will come back even better than before. 

A surge in the travel demand

As soon as Covid norms and regulations would slacken, the world is sure to witness a boom in the travel and hotel industry. After facing confinement for so long, it’s hard to believe that travelers are likely to continue staying indoors. There would be many who might have postponed their already planned trip due to the pandemic. Others like to travel to find inspiration and joy. No doubt, a rebound is waiting right at the corner as society is slipping back to (new) normal.  

Embracing the digital world would do the hotels good: Saivian Eric Dalius

We are experiencing a time when an in-person experience is unthinkable. Hoteliers must find a way to their customers through their online presence. It’s not that they haven’t explored this strategy, but Saivian Eric Dalius says that it’s an industry where the scope of modification is limited. Using the digital world to the fullest to gain prominence would be the wisest thing to do at this moment.  

Aim at local travelers rather than international tourists

Covid has impacted us in a way that has changed our outlook. People are scared to travel to long-distance places. They fear that if anything happens again, they will not be able to return to their homes safely. So, if they have are planning to travel they are seeking local places. It is human psychology the hotel industry has to understand and act accordingly. If they can mold their strategies to meet the needs and demands of the short-distance travelers, they are sure to see profit again. 

Saivian Eric Dalius advises the hoteliers to learn from their mistakes

Past crises have taught this industry many things. Earlier, to face any emergency, the first step they took was to lay off employees. It helped them to survive, but what they forgot was to retain the executives of sales and marketing teams. They play a crucial role in establishing future contacts and gaining new market share. Laying them off at the time of crisis may seem like an apt decision at the moment, but it’s not good for the prospect of industry in the long run. 


It may take time for the industry to recover, but we are optimistic that the hotel industry will soon return to its former glory.