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How Songwriting And Music Creation Can Boost Mental Health

Mental health benefits of creating music.

From increased motivation and relaxation to reduced stress and anxiety, we are well aware of how listening to music can improve our mental health.

But what you may not know is that creating music and songs can also present a number of mental benefits – and, in this blog, we will be talking about the most important of them. 

How Songwriting and Music Creation can Boost Mental Health

1)   Helps Process Tough Experiences

Nobody wants to go through tough times. However, such times often present musicians with new experiences to write about. Whether you are going through a breakup, enduring a serious illness, or in the midst of a depressive episode, creating music can serve as a deeply therapeutic and pain-alleviating experience.

Woes and struggles are part of what it means to be human and, as such, are beyond our control. But, what we can control is the way we respond to them – and creating music is one of the most effective ways to preserve your support for your mental health during times of crisis.

2)   Offers a Creative Outlet

As musicians, we often forget how lucky we are to have a creative outlet. Producing, performing, and sharing your music allows you to make constructive use of your emotional energy. Any feeling – be it despair and frustration or happiness and joy – can serve as excellent inspirations for songs.

If you do not believe this, pay attention to any of your favorite songs and take note of the emotions it expresses.

3)   Provides Purpose

Creating music is a purpose for musicians. While this may feel obvious and not like a big deal, so many people simply wade through life without any concrete purpose or interests. Music gives us a lot of hope and, considering that hopelessness is the leading cause for so many mental illnesses, this should never be taken for granted. Writing a better song, putting on a better performance, or launching a better album, are all examples of purpose for a musician. The pursuit of music is eternal and there is no limit to what you can achieve as long as you persist.

Besides, there is always a chance that your music may give someone the small glimpse of hope they are so desperately looking for. Music is a survival kit for numerous people going through trials and tribulations – we often hear people talking about the music that helped them accept a chronic illness diagnosis, endure the death of a loved one, or rise above the bullying they endured in high school. Your music could be the difference between a person succumbing to their pains or living to fight another day.

Wrapping Up

If you are someone who writes songs or creates music, you should keep doing so – if for no other reason than for the mental benefits that it can offer you and even your audience.

In a time when mental health issues are ravaging our world, the ability to make music is an asset that simply cannot be allowed to turn stale.