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How to apply for the Eric Dalius Scholarship for Deserving Students

Eric J Dalius Foundation is enabling talented students to reach new academic heights. Eric Dalius has offered several scholarships in the past few years and also is a well-known business mogul. He thinks that talent should not go to waste. Hence, he is doing his best to empower students to overcome the burden of high tuition fees by offering the Eric Dalius scholarship.

The Eric Dalius Scholarship

  • The scholarship works for each semester, where Eric Dalius himself will choose a successful applicant.
  • This applicant will receive USD 1,000 as an award towards their degree. The amount given is a one-time non-returnable sum.
  • Currently, the second deadline for the applicants to apply is the 1st of April 2021. Followed by that, the winner of the scholarship will get declared on the 15th of April 2021.
  • The scholarship invites applications of students ranging from freshman, junior, senior, and also sophomore in accredited colleges. Moreover, applicants of high school seniors planning on post-secondary education are also welcome.

The Application Process

Applicants have to submit their forms through emails. The forms mandatory for the application include an essay written in the word document. Applicants should write an original essay on the given topic, which is mostly related to and also entrepreneurship. You will have to email this document with other details to

Along with the essay, one needs to include the necessary personal details mentioned below.

  • Applicant’s full name
  • Contact number
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • The current grade point average
  • Graduation date in the format of YYYY.MM.DD
  • The details of the recognized college or university you are currently enrolled

Apart from the above requirements, a student should possess a previous degree certificate with an excellent set of marks. Moreover, the scholarship eligibility criteria also need applicants to have well-versed spoken and also written English communication.

After receiving all the applications, the selection committee will review each application. The stronger your application, the more are the chances of winning the scholarship.

The Selection Process

The prime aim of this scholarship is to offer the student an opportunity and also to enter the entrepreneurial world. The administration will notify the selected recipient through an email. The candidate has to acknowledge the receipt of the official email to receive the reward. However, one will get only ten days to recognize the reward. The management of the foundation will then transfer the funds to the recipient’s bank account. You can also check for the results at

Eric J Dalius aims at curbing the financial stress the students face due to their high tuition fees. The right education is critical to building a successful career, whether it is a job or a and also business. By applying for this program, a deserving student can excel and also in their studies without the hassle of managing finances. If you are planning for advanced studies, you can apply for the Eric Dalius scholarship. Do not let go of this opportunity as it can help you in many ways in the coming future.