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How to Get Your Music Played on a Streaming Service

Indie artists must utilize different strategies to become popular on music streaming platforms.

So you’ve just uploaded your music to different streaming platforms and are eagerly waiting for those streaming numbers to go up. Well, you might be disappointed to see little traction your music gets on these platforms.

The truth is that only a fraction of artists ever get more than a few thousand streams on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. However, you shouldn’t lose hope! Here are many inventive ways to boost the number of people who discover and play your music on these platforms. In this guide, we will examine four great ways to do this.

1.     Add Your Music to Playlists

Music streaming platforms have made it far easier to find new and exciting artists whose sound and lyrics resonate with people. One strategy that many people use to find artists that appeal to them is to listen to random playlists containing songs they already like. As an artist, you can capitalize on this by creating playlists containing popular songs from artists who sound like you and then slipping your music somewhere in the mix.

This allows people to discover your music without knowing whether or not you are a famous artist.

2.     Spruce Up Your Artist Profile

Most major music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music have dedicated artist profile pages for each artist. This contains the artist’s photo, bio, and other details about their music. If you want people to take you seriously as an artist and listen to your music, you should consider sprucing up your artist profile.

So try adding an exciting profile picture that shows you performing live. Alternatively, you can put up a tasteful group shot of you and your bandmates.

You could also add a lengthy bio talking about your band’s origins and what people can expect from your music. Adding a bit of personality to this bio can help entice people into listening to your music too.

3.     Using the Streaming Platform’s Promotion Services

Many of the biggest music streaming platforms offer special promotion services for artists.  For example, Spotify has a dedicated “Ad Studio” which serves as an advertising platform. You can create your own personalized ads and then pay to have them played to users during breaks between songs when they are listening on their mobile and desktop devices.

You could use this strategy to show off ear-wormiest clips from your music and entice listeners into checking out the rest of your releases.

4.     Use Off-Platform Promotion Techniques

You can also boost your streaming numbers by promoting your music on other platforms. For example, if you have an artist’s Facebook or Instagram page, you can send your followers a link to your music on different streaming platforms.

This strategy generally works best when you already have a large following on these social media platforms. However, it never hurts to start early and build traction on both platforms simultaneously.

Finding Success on Streaming Services

Getting popular on music streaming services is no easy task, but the tips mentioned above can help you get at least a few hundred or thousand streams. So try implementing these strategies and watch your streaming numbers go up!