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How to Grow Your Music Blog Followers?

Increasing your music blog followers.

Are you passionate about music? Do you wish to share your music knowledge with enthusiasts around the world? Well, a music blog is one of the best ways to make that happen.

That said, if you are only starting or have started off with a music blog, making your mark and establishing an audience might feel like an overwhelming challenge. For this reason, we have come with the below tips to help you expand your blog reach and attract new followers.

How to Grow Your Music Blog Followers?

1)    Choose a Micro Niche

When picking a music category for your blog, try being a big fish in a small pond. For instance, if you go for rock, country music, or hip-hop, you will be taking on a plethora of authoritative websites with huge and loyal fanbases. Yanking readership from them is going to be quite an uphill battle.

Hence, the more you can narrow your category down, the likelier you are to be able to make a place for yourself. For instance, if you are into hip-hop, you might want to further break it down into crunk, trap, or Christian rap. For country music, you could consider exploring subgenres like bro-country or Red Dirt. A few untapped rock subgenres include pop-punk, post-rock, and emo.

Do not rush in while picking a genre; go for something that gets you excited and that you can see yourself writing about for many years to come.

2)    Start with a Newsletter

Unless you sell something physical, the best way to lure readers to your website is by adding them to your newsletter. Of course, the key is to make your newsletter valuable to the recipients. Whether you send an email out every day or once a month, the content must contain information that you know your audience would be excited about.

Another way to obtain your target audience’s email addresses is through a lead magnet. A lead magnet could be an e-book, a how-to guide, or any other free piece of content. Once again, the content must be valuable enough to be able to convince your audience to share their email addresses.

3)    Post Consistently

Your readers are not signing up for the blog only to see you disappear after the first few posts. Loyalty is a two-way street; if you want your readers to be committed to you, you must be there for them as well.

Whether you post once a week or multiple times a day, stick to your publishing schedule. You can always increase your posting frequency, but never reduce it – this way, you will not only be able to retain your readers’ attention, but also boost your search engine rankings.

4)    Keep an Eye on the Numbers

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are numbers that reflect the performance of your blog. Examples of KPIs include:

  • Number of website visitors
  • Number of newsletter subscribers
  • Revenue sources
  • Search clicks and impressions
  • Number of keyword phrases in the first three positions on Google search results (the top 3 search results account for approximately 75%v of all search clicks)

Avoid getting fixated on vanity statistics like websites or social media followers. These numbers can be used as guidelines, but not for decision-making purposes. It is better to focus on website conversions (such as sign-ups or calls) and interactions (such as likes/reactions, comments, mentions, and shares).

Final Word

Creating an accomplished music blog requires uniqueness, commitment, discipline, patience and, of course, a love for music.

You are unlikely to achieve overnight success, but it is important to stay resilient, not throw in the towel, and remember your reason for starting the blog in the first place.