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How to Promote Your Music Online

Promoting music through the internet.

With so many ways and platforms to promote your music online, how do you decide which ones are the best for you?

If you decide to promote your music through every thinkable platform, you will overwhelm yourself and eventually burn out. Apart from that, you will also endure feelings of frustration and disappointment at seeing all your hard work amount to so little.

So, rather than waste time and energy attempting the impossible, it is best to identify a select few platforms where you are the likeliest to find and attract your target audience. Likewise, identify your own favorite music platforms, and work your way from there.

Below are a few ways to market your music through the internet.

How to Promote Your Music Online?

1)    Website

Creating a dedicated website with a personalized domain name is perhaps the best way to ensure that your fans are always able to find you online. This website should be a one-stop shop containing your latest music, upcoming events, an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), and your bio.

You can promote your music through your website by adding a full discography, sharing press releases, and drumming up interest for live events.

2)    Email Marketing

The good old email is still one of the most valuable marketing tools for any entrepreneur or artist. Unlike social media marketing where algorithms determine who and how many people see your content, every email you send is guaranteed to land in the recipients’ mailboxes.

Hence, keep working on making your email list longer and more relevant. Even if you do not have any upcoming releases or live events, you can always publish a daily, weekly, or monthly newspaper to keep readers informed about everything going on with you, your band, and the wider music world. Delivering consistent value is crucial for creating a loyal, caring community that will be there to support you whenever you need it.

3)    Blogs

Blogs are a great way to deliver insights into your career and, by regularly updating your blog you establish yourself as an active and informed musician. Alongside improving your presence, reputation, and relationship with your fans, a blog can also enhance your website’s search engine rankings, thereby displaying it to a wider audience.

Without being overly self-promotional, create a few blogs that cover your music. These blogs could include insights into your music-creation process, your favorite music genres, or even your life as an artist.

Remember that you can repurpose the blog content for your newsletters or social media posts as well.

4)    Podcasts

Featuring yourself or your music on podcasts is another great way to reach out to new prospective audiences. Podcasts can also help your current fans gain deeper insights into your music and who you are as a musician. You can also pitch your music to podcasts or collaborate for an interview. However, make sure to only pick podcasts that you think are right for you and your music.

To consistently promote your music through podcasts, you can always start one of your own and conduct regular episodes. You could even feature your band members.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, start with a few platforms that you are most comfortable with or that you feel are the best fit for your music. Then, use these promotional tools to build a strong presence amongst – and a lasting relationship with – your fans and followers.

Once you get used to promoting your music online, you can always add new tools and platforms.