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Know What Eric Dalius Saivian Has to Say about the Future Trends of the Hotel Industry

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We are always trying to do things that will make our future better. Be it in our personal life or the professional front. Everyone is striving to discover new ideas to make the upcoming days more exciting in an eco-friendly manner says Eric Dalius Saivian. The business industry is incessantly aiming to satisfy customer demands in all possible ways. One such industry that has shifted their focus in upscaling themselves is the hotel industry. They have started with small initiatives that are no doubt going to shape the prospect of the business. Personalization and use of data are the two main aspects they are planning to focus more on to carve out their business plans. Read on to know more about what to expect in a future hotel.  

Smart rooms

Have you ever imagined staying in a hotel room that can double itself as your personal assistant? Well, smart rooms can do so. Reputed hotels are trying to convert their rooms into smart rooms by including Google Nests, wireless charging, Amazon Alexa, soundproofing techniques, actions controlled by voice commands, etc. Travelers will be glad to pay the convenience charges if they get to use these tech-enabled rooms. 

Green hotels will soon be a necessity: as pointed out by the renowned marketer Eric Dalius Saivian 

The world is becoming more and more conscious of the environment. It has affected the choice of travelers. They are now more inclined towards choosing staying options that use solar power, have proper water conservation systems, and have reduced the use of plastic products. Even they are looking for meat alternatives in the menus. Eric Dalius Saivian has rightly pointed out that, as people are becoming more aware of the environment, hotels also should attempt to join the sustainable movement.

Introduction of technology in every field

Technology is advancing rapidly, and including it in every sector is the need of the hour. The hotels can think of incorporating artificial intelligence for checking-in guests, pricing rooms, room services, online help, etc. As days are progressing, the transportation facility is also getting upgraded. By introducing technology, you can easily personalize the experiences of the guests. 

Giving importance to the priorities of the guests

People can be obsessed with a particular thing to such an extent that they want to experience everything based on their obsession – even their holidays. They will book a baseball-themed room just because of their love for the game. Other influences on traveler experience that are gaining prominence these days are pet-friendly ambiances, medical tourism, glamping, etc. 

Business strategies and hotel designs

Catering to the taste of the guests is no doubt a daunting task for hoteliers. Yet, they are trying their best to enrich the stay of their guests by providing them access to – 

  • micro rooms 
  • luxury services 
  • including the local food (so they get to taste the local flavor)
  • experimental social space


Globalization continues unabated. So, the hotel industry is trying its best to serve all kinds of guests by being different and providing unique experiences. It’s quite a challenge for them but to stay ahead in the competition such changes are necessary.