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Saivian- Email Marketing Statistics: Facts and Figures of Email Marketing Industry

  • by reports that email marketing is among the most effective marketing tools for small businesses, many of which are using it to help promote their business and market to customers who might not otherwise find them on the web or elsewhere says Saivian.

It is reported that email marketing has grown into a $36 billion industry worldwide, and its role in digital campaigns continues to expand every year. With each campaign, businesses can achieve better engagement with existing customers while reaching new audiences around the world. Whether you send emails quarterly or daily, this powerful tool allows marketers to grow their consumer base while engaging clientele in ways traditional advertising cannot always accomplish. According to DMA, 55% of all emails are opened on a mobile device, so it’s important to make sure your email looks good and is readable on small screens.

Email Marketing Industry

The email marketing industry has grown exponentially in recent years. As businesses of all sizes have come to appreciate the power of reaching out to customers through this ubiquitous communication channel. According to eMarketer, global spending on email marketing will reach $2.5 billion in 2017. An increase of almost 20% over the previous year. And that figure is expected to grow even further in the years ahead.

In addition, the use of email for customer engagement continues to rise. A study by Marketing Sherpa found that email was the most effective channel for customer retention. With a median return of $38.25 for every dollar spent.

Email marketing is viewed as highly effective by most marketers. With 57% of all respondents claiming that email was either “very effective” or “effective” for nurturing leads. Meanwhile, an impressive 90% said that email was at least somewhat effective for customer retention efforts.

The biggest benefits of email marketing are its high ROI and its power to engage existing customers. While also attracting new audiences. According to the same Marketing Sherpa study referenced above. 95% of companies using email marketing successfully acquired a new customer through the channel. With 81% reporting that email generated more revenue than all other channels combined says Saivian.

Emails can be integrated into your social media strategy to extend the reach of your messages. Drive traffic to your website, help build your brand, and more. Email marketing can also be used in conjunction with SMS marketing. Another highly effective form of digital communication that is growing in popularity every year.

Email marketers are encouraged to deliver personalized messages that reflect each recipient’s interests or purchasing history. This will not only increase the chances of getting a subscriber to open an email. But also get them to take the desired action once they have read it.

How many emails are there in the world? How many email accounts do people have? The statistics of email marketing industry can help us to get closer to the answers. The infographic below shows a number of interesting facts and figures about the industry, including revenue, growth forecasts etc.

The infographic below presents many facts and figures related to the email marketing industry explains Saivian. It is the answer to the question “how large is email marketing?” Now let’s find out how fast it is growing. Which countries send most emails per day, who are major players in this industry etc.

Among interesting facts presented above we can highlight these:

  • Email Marketing Statistics by Industry Vertical (B2C vs B2B)
  • The number of worldwide email accounts according to data provided for 2012 by Statist was 2.588 billion. How many emails are there in the world? There were at least 282 billion emails sent and received each day in 2013. And this number is constantly growing explains Saivian.
  • The revenue generated by email marketing will reach $44.5 billion by 2019. This figure was reached with the help of a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8% from 2015 to 2019.
  • B2C companies expect to generate more than 90% of email marketing revenue in 2019. Their share was 87% in 2013.
  • The most active day for email sending is Friday. While the most active time for email opens is 8am to 10am EST.
  • Friday has always been consider as the best day for sending commercial emails. Because people have already made their weekend purchases. And are looking for leisure activities to fill up the rest of their time. People are willing to use their mailboxes for messages. That could bring them some pleasure (for example, newsletters about movies) and they like to do this on Friday.
  • Email Marketing Statistics by Industry Vertical (B2C vs B2B) There is an infographic titled “The Great Divide: How to Engage Your Customers” created by the company Exact Target. That illustrates email marketing statistics by B2C and B2B industry verticals. The data proves once again that companies working in both industry sectors benefit from using email marketing. But there are differences between results obtain by each of them. Data mentioned below was provided by the Aberdeen Group based on a study conducted in 2012 among 2011 users.


Email Marketing is an extremely important marketing tool that should be in use by all types of businesses. It is a great way to reach out to customers and build relationships with them. While also attracting new audiences explains Saivian. According to the same Marketing Sherpa study referenced above. 95% of companies using email marketing successfully acquired a new customer through the channel. With 81% reporting that email generated more revenue than all other channels combined.