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The Eric Dalius Compilation of Tips for Achieving E-Commerce Startup Success

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After spending many months preparing yourself to strike out on your own, now that you have become an online entrepreneur. You need to quickly gear yourself up to ramp up your operations and achieve commercial success by Eric Dalius. However, standing between you and your objectives are numerous challenges. Obstacles that need to be conquered quickly, smartly, and effectively. Eric Dalius, a serial entrepreneur and reputed small business consultant offers some practical tips on transforming your smart website to an e-commerce powerhouse that customers will love:

Make It Habit to Listen and Learn from Customer Feedback by Eric Dalius

The best way to know whether customers are pleased by what you are offering or getting turned off due to some issue. The other is to listen to what they are saying about you. As important as it is to respond to each comment left behind, entrepreneurs should also make it a point. Read what they have had to say on other platforms like review sites. It is only by listening and taking action to address the criticism by users. Potential customers regarding any aspect of their experience with your organization that you will be able to improve.

It is no longer possible to keep pushing mediocre products simply by organizing a marketing blitzkrieg that drowns. Savvy marketers make it a habit to encourage people to give their feedback on every aspect of your online existence. Right from the website aesthetics, functionality, navigation, ease of checking out. Transacting to customer service, after-sales service, product quality and performance, and a million more factors important to customers.

Make Customer Support Your Top Priority 

Putting customers first is nothing new to marketers, however, in a world that is as intensely competitive as it. Savvy marketers can use excellence in customer service as a frontline weapon. When you give priority to resolving customer issues, you give your business the opportunity of converting unhappy customers into delighted ones that will not only be loyal to you but also spread the word around. Customers love companies that scramble to address their issues responsively and courteously. You should ideally acknowledge complaints or issues reported by the customer, immediately on receipt with an autoresponder. An AI-powered response system and follow it up with human contact within 24 hours to take care of the issue. Experienced marketers confirm that they have been able to achieve more brand awareness, engagement. Loyalty by attending to customer concerns promptly.

Remain Focused on Your Niche, Recommends Eric Dalius

When you establish a new business, it can be difficult to decide where to focus the attention of the company. It can be very easy to get distracted with multiple target audience groups that seem to be very lucrative; however, the best policy is to focus all your energies on understanding the needs. Wants of a specific niche audience and catering to them in the best possible manner. Since as a startup you will normally have limited resources, it can be very unwise to try. Tap the potential of multiple niches because you will spread your resources too thin. Miss opportunities in all the spaces. 

EJ Dalius believes that for businesses to grow successfully they should remain focused on serving the niche with optimized products and services. By staying committed to your target audience, you will ultimately understand them the best and be able to stand out from the competition with better products and services as well as customer service.

Go All Out to Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience 

If you want to figure out what is common in all the top brands the world loves, apart from product features. It is the customer experience that keeps them loyal to the brand on an enduring basis. Customers will trust the brand that it will not fail to live up to their expectations. In case of any concern, the business will rise to the occasion with prompt. Responsive service that differentiates a truly great brand from the rest of the wannabes. The great thing about outstanding customer service is that it has a very well-established ripple effect that increases brand awareness, traffic. Conversions on your online store due to customers sharing their positive experience with the brand. Which over a long time can acquire a legendary status that is difficult for others to dislodge from customer perception.

Adopt an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy 

The current generation of consumers is some of the savviest that you will ever see and it is no surprise to find them shopping in multiple places to get the best deal. This means that smart online marketers will do well to adopt an omnichannel strategy to build brand awareness and offer more flexibility of transacting. By giving access to customers across a variety of channels, online businesses can make life more convenient for them. Giving omnichannel access to customers is a very strong indication to them that the business values them.

It is evident that as a new business, you may not have the resources to be present and active on all the different channels. However, when you keep it as one of your marketing priorities; you can use the first available opportunity to keep on expanding your presence. It is vital to remember that just having an omnichannel presence is not good enough; the business must be able to implement a strategy that allows and respond to customers on all the channels. An omnichannel strategy is also a valuable method for the business to gather more information about their customers and develop better relationships with them.


Regardless of how small or large, your business is, if you want your online venture to succeed. You need to be adept at building a great team that can scale up your business. While owning a small business can be very easy, it is the passion, energy. The perception that you invest in it that will make it the success that you are aiming for.