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Tips by Eric Dalius on writing a high quality Scholarship essay

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Eric Dalius

Applying for a scholarship program requires crucial attention to every aspect of the process. You have to analyze your academic career and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Finding answers to the questions like, who you are, your accomplishments, and how your academic career is vital. The process of applying for the scholarship program is a tedious one. Various scholarship providers ask their applicants to write an essay on the topic provided. You have to come up with a report that steals the attention of the selection board. It must reflect your personality and creativity at the same time. It must be informative and persuasive. According to Eric J Dalius, be cautious that scholarship boards read thousands of dissertations at a time. You have to try your level best to make your essay stand out in the competition.

How can you make your essay stand out in the competition?

As stated earlier, the selection committee comes across various essays at a time. Hence, when your writing is unique and creative, it attracts their attention. For this, you have to examine the following points in details

The planning phase: When discussing the planning stage, you have to plan far in advance while writing the article. You have to take care of the essay’s quality, structure, and final look. The deadlines and criteria of the scholarship program are the main areas of focus. In addition to this, you must know the audience for which you are writing the paper. Figuring out the ideal candidate is a tedious task. Be careful that you are clear about your expectations. Never sacrifice your personality and voice to fit the place. Following the instruction and answering the topic is crucial.

The writing stage: start your essay with a strong introduction and quotation of world leaders. It is the most challenging part of the article as it makes the first impression on the reader. Take time to structure your sentences and be precise in your approach. According to Eric Dalius, answer the question specifically. Work on your structure, and be creative in your outline and thought process. Writing down the main points before you start the essay is vital. Organize your thoughts in different sections. Divide your article into three parts of introduction, body, and conclusion. Limit your emotions and be objective in your approach. You can show your sentiments only where it is needed.

The Editing Phase

The editing phase: proofreading the essay and asking for help from your friends and family members are significant. You can ask your near and dear ones to find mistakes in the article after reading it aloud. You can take the help of digital media for more ideas and evidence. Take the objective of available resources as the digital media will provide you with scholarship essay examples.

Candidates must understand that applying for a scholarship program requires an investment of time and effort. Coming up with an insightful scholarship essay is not easy. You have to work hard and use expert opinion before you pen down your writing.