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Eric Dalius

about Eric Dalius.

An Entrepreneur with a Difference

Eric Dalius has accomplished himself as an entrepreneur par excellence He has been instrumental in pursuing a successful career in entrepreneurship and marketing and has carved out a niche for himself in the marketing and business circuit. 

EJ Dalius has always been focusing his attention on making the fullest use of his skills and potential to come up with ground-breaking innovations in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. 

Even though Eric  Dalius is presently enjoying semi-retirement he is constantly thinking of coming up with cutting-edge advances in today’s truly dynamic world of business. This marketing guru has absolutely no plans of taking a back seat.


Keys to Success

Eric Dalius possesses an innovative mind that aided him in breaking the barriers in the world of marketing and business. He felt that success is far more important as compared to power and money. He believes more in building a better world than building an empire. He is known for his philanthropic efforts. EJ Dalius is keen on helping people in crisis. He believes that education is essential for building character. So, he has instituted Eric Dalius Scholarship for students from deprived or not so affluent backgrounds so that they could continue their higher education without any major obstacles.

April 1st, 2021

Final Winner

April 15th, 2021



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Eric Dalius: An Illustrious Career


Super fast

Eric Dalius achieved a degree in 1992 from Penn State. He graduated with flying colors and thereafter, demonstrated his brilliance in the workforce. He clearly outshined the rest and joined MCI Telecom and within just a couple of years, he was adjudged the foremost sales representative in the whole country. After performing his role here with excellence, Eric J. Dalius was too excited to focus his attention on the next venture.
Eric Dalius is a multi-talented entrepreneur who loved to excel in new fields and win greater freedom. He is constantly looking for a brand new outlet to give vent to his innovative mind and boundless creativity.

Eric Dalius

In the middle of 1994, Eric Dalius launched his first business venture and started his career in telecommunications consulting. His business was going in full swing and EJ Dalius got more and more involved in his work and kept putting in long hours every day. However, thanks to his tenacity he could still manage some time to carry on being the little league coach. In general, Eric had a wonderful career graph in the 1990’s and he achieved incredible heights of glory that he had never dared to imagine possible ever. He kept working towards making the world a sustainable and a much better place for everyone.

Eric Dalius

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